2015 Fall Arts Preview

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Delmarva isn't just a world class arts destination for people who love to visit the area. We who live here are really lucky to have such amazing artists who work and perform here.

Over the last several decades the Fall and Spring have become known as the "shoulder" seasons here on Delmarva. This is when room rates and gas prices go down, attracting the nontraditional traveler to our region. It is also when local nonprofits really begin to get busy with their biggest events.

Naturally this means the local arts scene really heats up. The Delmarva Almanac community calendar is filling up with things to do. Monthly art strolls are happening just about every weekend across the peninsula in a town near you. These are the perfect night out to see wonderful art and often you can enjoy live music and sometimes even free refreshments.

Art classes for both children and adults are widely available including: painting, ceramics, glass blowing, and a variety of other crafts. If you like to party when you paint you can also find numerous venues that offer a fun night getting guided project instructions while having adult beverages with other creative folks.

All the events mentioned in our story are listed on the The Delmarva Almanac community calendar pages below sorted by topic.