Patti Backer

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Patti Backer paints large eyed-creatures and fantastical scenes on wood, old furniture, and canvas. She describes her art as "a mix of folk and lowbrow… sweet and sinister." She is part of a new generation of folk artists bringing a touch of whimsy to the art world.

This video was produced in 2013 as part of a collaboration with
Like other local artists Patti appreciates the benefits of the light, sand, and sea here on the shore; along with the convenience living within easy driving distance of major urban art centers like DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. But she especially appreciates the blossoming arts community in Berlin.

One of Patti's favorite artists is the late Margaret Kilgallen, but she does not identify with any one influence on her work.

Patti has an intuitive creative process. She produces both high quality and a high volume but certain works seem to just magically turn out to be special.

Patti draws creative nectar from many places, including art documentaries, gardening, and teaming up with her husband.

Once a collector who happened to be on the board of the High Museum in Atlanta, asked if he could purchase an entire show of her work. She agreed as long as she could deliver the work personally and see his private collection which she said was spectacular. Patti advises artists who are just starting out to learn to be true to themselves.

Patti accepts commissions and shows her work at Bungalow Love and Baked - both in Berlin, and Dimensions and OC Wasabi - both in Ocean City.