Scot Dolby

by Dana Kester-McCabe

You might say that Scot Dolby is a fly fisher who paints. Or you could say that he is a painter who loves fly fishing. After a career as an elementary school teacher, Scot decided to take up both these endeavors full time. Scot is now known for his paintings of freshwater fish and landscapes.

Scot is equally passionate about fly fishing and art. One takes him to mountain streams and the other brings him back home with inspiration for his painting.

Several years of experimentation with water colors, oils, and acrylics, helped Scot develop his painting style which continually references his outdoor experiences.

Scot has branched out into landscape, and recently still life. But, he keeps coming back to fish.

Plein air painting or painting our doors has increased popularity recently with several public events held here on the Shore annually. It may sound sophisticated but Scot approaches it with his down to earth humor.

Scot was greatly influenced by renowned landscape artist and fellow fly fisher Russell Chatham. The film "A River Runs Through It" and the book that it was based on has is awakened many to the poetry of fly fishing including Scot.

Scot has a great appreciation for the growing success of arts districts in the area.

Scot participates in the Paint Snow Hill plein air event and shows his work at galleries like Bishops Stock, in Snow Hill.