Bev Harrington

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Jewelry designer Bev Harrington makes wearable art and lovely mobiles. For many years Bev has spent her summers here creating and selling jewelry in local shops and shows. Then she and her husband travel southward for the winter like snow birds.

Bev and her husband run a charter boat and guide service called Tiki Adventures which takes guests scuba diving and surfing in the Virgin Islands. The Tiki is currently being used for Shark Collecting for Aquariums world wide, as a Scientific Technology Research Vessel and as a Commercial Fishing Longline boat for Swordfish and Tuna.

Making a living on a boat and making jewelry have over the years become companion pursuits. They have been scuba diving for nineteen years. When not attending to charter guests, she has explored places that have an abundance of sea glass. Along with her scuba diving exhibitions she has found many fascinating treasures. Putting them to good use in her art is as she says "just a bonus".

Bev began making jewelry as a young mother looking for a creative outlet. Her philosophy of life is to learn something new every year of her life, whether it is creatively or otherwise and she has "pretty much done that." She took to jewelry making quickly attempting difficult projects right away to the surprise of her teacher.

Artisan jewelry making is part fine art and part production resulting in no two pieces being exactly the same. Bev begins with the idea for one piece and after making one she is satisfied she then produces them in batches to prepare for upcoming shows.

Bev suggests people wanting to learn how to make jewelry should take a shop class to understand how things are built. Learning to use large tools helped immensely in mastering the smaller jewelry making tools.

Bev has been making seashells into mobiles since before she began making jewelry. She has collected shells from all over the world. Now she incorporates the sea glass into them.

Bev admits to being a person of high energy who needs a lot of activity. But she finds that meditation and making jewelry compliment an active life. Meditation helps her to focus and it feeds her creative process. Just prior to this interview she got a good idea while mediating which developed into a series of bracelets.

Bev has been part of the Ocean City Art league since its beginnings. You can find her work for sale at the Ocean City Center for the Arts and at local shows around the Delmarva Peninsula.

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