Dana Simson

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Meet Dana Simson the owner of Chesapeake East Gallery. She is a Salisbury painter, potter, jewelry maker, and book author. Across all these mediums you can see Dana’s light-hearted style and sense of humor. She says she wants people to insert themselves into her art and interact with it.

Watch our video to see her work and to hear what Dana has to say about her work and creative experiences.

Dana Simpson, has not only been an artist from an early age she has also been running galleries since she was a youngster. Dana went to Syracuse University, and then did a work study program in Florence.

Dana produces works in a variety of disciplines. She is a painter, a potter, a jewelry maker, and a children's book author. All of these are approached with a light heart. Animals are sometimes dressed like people. The colors are cheery. There is a sense of whimsy about all her work though it is not necessarily the word she prefers. Dana calls herself an illustrator.

Dana has seen great success with licensed products bearing her designs and illustrations. But preventing her work from being pirated both in the US and overseas has been impossible. These were often produced at an inferior quality. So Dana has shifted her focus back to her own hand crafted productions.

Dana also opens up her studio for classes. Dana will have a show in Baltimore in May and work at the Station Gallery in Wilmington, Delaware. Here website is: But the best way to see her work is to stop by Chesapeake east on West Main Street in Salisbury.