Deborah Rolig

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Snow Hill artist, Deborah Rolig paints deeply expressive paintings in her own unique style.

A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the daughter of a well-known regional artist her early life laid the foundation for a career in the arts.

Deborah says the themes in her work are constantly evolving. Often her subjects come to her in mediation and dreams. She likes to let the canvas speak what is in her heart.

Deborah met her husband artist William Rolig in the late 70's while painting murals and working as an Artist in Residence.

Besides painting Deborah is part of the ShaDeeLa creativity workshops which are held in various locations around the region. They include a variety of projects including jewelry making, collage and journaling.

Deborah says that she has learned as artist you must follow your heart and persevere. Deborah Rolig's work can be seen locally at Water's Edge Gallery in Berlin; at Philip Morton Gallery in Rehoboth Beach and at Bishop's Stock Fine Art in Snow Hill where she will have a show in May of 2012.

ShaDeeLa Workshops

Bishop's Stock Fine Art

Water's Edge Gallery

Philip Morton Gallery