Jamie Delzel

by Dana Kester-McCabe

For painter and tattoo artist Jamie Delzel, art has always been a part of his life.

Jamie’s tattoos can only be called fine body art. He does his best not to leave anything to chance in order to meet his clients’ expectations. And, unlike any other art form the tattoo artist has a direct personal and physical relationship with the people who collect their work.

Jamie’s paintings have a graphic feel which has been influenced not only by tattooing but by the subtle shading techniques of Asian art. Ultimately drawing is always at the heart of what he does.

A long time skateboarder and surfer Jamie finds creative inspiration in the practice and dedication these sports require. Practice not only makes for a better product it releases the artist from the constraints of time.

Jamie’s has just released a limited edition surfing print called Inlet Lefts. This and his other work can be seen at the Independent Tattoo studio and their website: