Jason Giusti

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Jason Giusti, a glass artist from Showell, Maryland, has a design sensibility based on simple elegant lines. Jason’s work is an alchemy between his knowledge, skill, and a sometimes-unpredictable collaborator: the fire.

From an early age he enjoyed sketching so when it came time to choose a major in college, art seemed inevitable. Jason's love of making art combined with the enjoyment of sitting around a campfire with friends and family made the fiery process of blowing glass a natural fit for him as an artist. Jason’s most important tool and his muse are one and the same: the fire.

Glass-making techniques have been around since ancient times. The first rule of learning this medium is: safety first. A lack of discipline can result in serious injury. Setting up takes three times as long as actually executing a piece. Patience and practice have allowed him to paint with glass.

Jason is actively showing his work in competitions, and local Galleries like Bishop's Stock in Snow Hill and the Worcester County Arts Council. He can also be found at Salisbury's Third Friday's Art Stroll.