Jessie Martin

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Jessie Martin - is a clay artist from Berlin. Jessie was inspired to take up pottery by her grandmother Joan Kessler and her uncle jack Aldridge members of her family who were active in the lower Delaware art scene.

Her work is primarily wheel thrown with hand built additions. Working in clay takes a lot of discipline yet it is very creative process.

Jessie enjoys creating everyday objects and making them works of functional art. Each piece is unique rather than part of a production series.

Jessie has a degree in Engineering from Lehigh University. She worked as a designer and website programmer before becoming potter.

Jessie is also a young mother. Being an artist with a young child allows for a freer work schedule than most jobs but requires great patience.

Currently she is working with different types of clay bodies: red rock and porcelain. Jessie has become especially interested in improvising with glazing techniques. One series in progress now combines a white satin glaze with a resist design leaving some of the porcelain exposed.

Jessie's work can be seen in Berlin at the Zenna Wellness (Yoga) Studio, the Berlin Coffee Shop, and the gallery of the Worcester County Arts Council. Proceeds from her work are donated to a dog rescue shelter in nearby Delmar.