Lori Conner

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Lori Conner is a self taught muralist and art teacher with a studio in Milford, Delaware a town with a vibrant and growing cultural scene.

Lori holds painting parties where she helps participants each complete a painting in a fun atmosphere. She has had groups of all ages celebrating various different events. She also has held parties for special groups like one for breast cancer survivors. The paintings they do at her parties tell stories of hope and joy.

Lori has done a number works that celebrate our heritage. Lori's biggest project right now is on a mural project in Milford, along with two other local artists, Gilberto Rodriguez, and DeMarcus Shelborne. They designed the mural with input from an organizing committee and it is being completed with assistance from six Milford High School students.

The We Are Milford Mural will be unveiled at a special event Sunday, April 10 3:00 PM - 5:00 P.M. at Arena's, Milford's only restaurant with an outdoor eating area overlooking the river. Find out more about this event and Lori Connor on her website:

Find out more about the We are Milford website: