Marc Emond

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Marc Emond is shop owner and a fulltime artist. He values being authentic to his own unique vision above all else in is work. Like most artists he found his calling early in life.

When you see the humor in Marc’s work it is not surprising to find out that he has served as the political cartoonist for the newspaper Ocean City Today, for many years.

Marc’s work has recently been influenced by travels to Latin America but his subject matter is all about home.

Marc has been part of the local skateboarding scene since the Ocean City Skate Park at 4th Street was built during the 1980’s. Art and skating are closely interwoven for him.

Look for Marc’s cartoons in Ocean City Today. And ask him about upcoming paintings shown with Punk Rockfish Studio when you visit his shop Raggamuffin, at 24th and Philadelphia Avenue in Ocean City.