Maureen Bannon

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Meet Stevensville artist Maureen Bannon who paints lovely landscapes in oils. She chooses quiet pastoral scenes that seem to have a story to tell: a boat yard, marsh grass poking through a fence, or a garden fountain and flowers in sunlight.

Stevensville artist Maureen Bannon paints lovely landscapes in oils. She says that as a child artistic pursuits were not encouraged and she had to sneak around to draw and paint. But all through her education including graduate studies, and raising six children she kept up her painting.

Maureen Bannon:
I really got serious about it as the babies were growing up I would do a lot of work at home. And it's been probably 45-50 years now that I am seriously doing it.

I studied with a lot of the foremost artists in New Jersey - I am a Jersey girl. So I did a lot of my training in that area. And then coming to Maryland in '77 I had a wonderful studio at the Savage Mill in Maryland, a wonderful large studio - affordable at the time. And my serious painting took off then.

I was a classical painter I originally in New York and New Jersey. And some of the people I studies with were hard edged and we used dark colors: umbers and dark greens and things like that. And I guess my inner spirit just kept coming up. And my colors got lighter and lighter as I studied color and learned more about color. And, I love daylight. I can't really do anything at night because I am a daylight person. So little by little it evolved to a state of Impressionism. Reading and following people like Henry Twatchmen, and of course people like Monet and all the impressionists, I just fell in love with that. And it was pulling something out of my inner spirit - you know? And it was just pulling something out and I just got better and better.

Maureen works primarily from commissions which are inspired by her Eastern Shore surroundings.

Maureen Bannon:
I like to paint quiet places, pastoral scenes, paintings that have stories. I have in the past and even now painted scenes that are very busy. I love grasses. I have gravitated toward grasses, leaves, and flowers. Flowers are extremely passionate and full of life and full of story.

Maureen says that as she emerges as an artist she finds her personal and private space is coming more and more into her art. She really appreciates being an artist and being able to teach this to her students, some of them have been with her for as long as eight years. She also enjoys getting to know those who buy her work.

Maureen Bannon:
The audience and the people who buy art are such a treat to the artist. I like to know who they are and what they see in my work. I will ask them that because I am so curious about what attracts them to a piece that I have done.

Maureen is looking for a venue to show paintings of a trip she made to Poland. She also founded an artist's group which does critiques, round table discussions on creative topics, and takes an annual trip.