May Garden Planner

by Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan brings us the May Garden Planner.

During May the blooming season really takes off. Start visiting local public gardens for inspiration. Talk to their staff and make note of what is working for them to help with your garden. Look for links to some here on Delmarva on our website.

If you are a container gardener this is the month to start filling those pots. Tried and true annuals like Impatiens, Vinca major, Marigolds, and Geraniums are favorite varieties for containers.

Local gardeners also report having had great luck in our shore area with Coleus, Lantana, Mandevilla, Osteiospurmum, or Sweet Potato Vine.

This is also the time to begin moving your houseplants outdoors. Give them a few transitional days in a protected place before moving them to their intended summer home. This is also a good time fertilize them, and if needed repot or divide them.

During May plant tender summer bulbs outdoors: gladiolas, cannas, tuberous begonias, dahlias.
Once the soil has warmed up enough you can apply a layer of mulch on flower beds and around trees and shrubs. An easy rule to remember is to mulch once your tulips have faded. Mulch reduces weeds, conserves moisture, and prevents disease.

And don't miss those native plant sales sponsored by local environmental groups in our area. Most native plants do best in the ground, but some will also do well in containers. They are all predisposed to thrive in our climate. They take less watering and feeding than other ornamentals and are therefore an environmentally friendly choice for your landscape.

There are several sales here on Delmarva during May. Check our community calendar for dates and links to these and other home and garden events.