Monika Lilley

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Monika Lilley is a fiber artist who runs the Upper Room studio in Berlin. She creates images of landscapes which invoke the wonder of nature. She calls fiber art a "made-from-scratch" art and she loves to introduce others to the joys of working in this medium.

She teaches classes in the various forms of spinning wool and thread, loom and frame weaving and felting. She also teaches classes in whole living practices such as tinctures and soap making.

Monika and her family keep a variety of pets which provide her with a nice supply of wool. They have sheep and goats which also work at the petting zoo in Frontier Town, and angora rabbits.

Monika teaches weaving and fiber arts there and at schools and summer camps throughout the area. She was home schooled from third grade on. This has given her a special perspective on both learning and teaching and an appreciation for the gifts of the dedicated teachers in the public schools and the freedoms of home schooling.

Monika has taken classes but she is mostly self taught. She has done research on various methods, and a lot of experimentation. Being an artist on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has given Monika a strong connection to nature and a home town experience that she might not have gotten elsewhere.

Look for Monika’s work at the Worcester County Arts Council in Berlin and find out more about classes by following her on Facebook.