Nancy Thompson

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Nancy Thompson paints in a variety of mediums but watercolor is her favorite because she can carry it with her wherever she goes. She took it up as a favor to friend.

Nancy lived most of her life in South Carolina but had roots here on Delmarva so when she was looking for a change of scenery moving here seemed like a good fit. When she was twenty years old and had just married, a friend had an art store. She asked Nancy to take a watercolor class there because she needed to have enough students to fill the class and keep it from being cancelled. Nancy found it difficult because she had been working in acrylics, but she was hooked.

Nancy’s favorite subject matter is landscape. She loved painting the low country in the Carolinas. Now that she has moved here she loves Assateague and the lands near the bay: the wildlife, the birds, and the way the grasses blow in the wind. She calls her painting impressionist. She says if you have the desire and put in the time you will put out some good stuff. She begins with sketching and photographs.

Nancy especially enjoys painting outdoors and will participate in the upcoming Paint Snow Hill plein air event. She says that the event is incredibly well run by Anne Coates and that there is a fantastic group of painters taking part. Plein air is challenging but satisfying. Spectators will enjoy seeing the artists at work. Some artists even like to stop and answer questions.

Nancy accepts commissions and has built a steady business of pet portraits. Nancy does portraits of dogs, cats, horses, or any other pet. She does these in watercolor which is unusual since most commission painters work on canvas. Teaching is an important part of Nancy’s creative life.

She teaches water color and acrylics in her studio, and at various local art associations, and through the Road Scholar program. She also leads trips abroad to places like Italy. These trips are not limited to art students. The travelers stay in just one town so they really get the essence of the place. They have the opportunity to take part in daily art demonstrations, cooking classes, and visit nearby sites of interest.

Nancy has a working studio and gallery in Snow Hill, Maryland. You can find out more at her website