Randy Hofman

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Randy is probably best known for his dramatic sand sculptures of Biblical themes presented free as a public ministry at the boardwalk in downtown Ocean City. He began as an apprentice to another Christian artist replacing him in the early eighties.

Randy Hofman studied commercial art and design at the Pratt Institute in New York but felt the call of Eastern Shore at an early age. He is quite prolific, creating his own work, commissioned pieces, and portraits. He says he continues to learn from his studio neighbors, who are also artists.

Randy's landscapes are done from photographs, memory, and sometimes plein air. Always he delights in experimentation.

Randy's work is about celebration, and positive energy. His recent mixed media work is a good example of this. He feels that all his creative endeavors are a spiritual calling and expects that will always be an important part of his work.

His paintings and mixed media altar pieces are also not to be missed. They can be seen at the Water's Edge Gallery in Berlin and his sand sculptures can be seen all summer long at the Boardwalk in downtown Ocean City.