Stasia Heubeck

by Dana Kester-McCabe

Meet Stasia Heubeck a realist painter who lives in Ocean Pines, Maryland.

Stasia Heubeck's formal training as an artist began as a small child when she took classes at the Baltimore Museum of Art. After high school she went to the Maryland Institute before finding her creative home at the Schuler School of Fine Art where she studied classical painting techniques under Ann Schuler for six years. She continues to learn from those traditions.

Stasia Heubeck:
"Copying is a good way to learn, if you copy the masters, whether it is the old masters or abstract or modern. If you try to copy that, I think you learn a lot, by making a good copy of something. And, the Old master artists did that all the time, you know. I am working on a painting I am calling "A Day In The Museum". I took a picture of the Thinker, Rodin's Thinker, up at the Baltimore Museum of Art. It used to stand outside on the steps, but now it is inside. So I took a couple of photos and I've been working on that."

Much of Stasia's career has been as a portrait artist.

Stasia Heubeck:
"When I still lived in Baltimore I did a lot of pastel portrait painting, and oils. When you gave the customer a choice pastels were a lot cheaper. So, I did a lot of those. "

"With portrait painting, if you don't like the interaction with people, you're not going to be very successful. (Laughs) And, uh, I've always enjoyed that. I like to talk with the people and get to know them and that makes them part of the painting."

"My husband, he would brag about my stuff. And he would carry these photographs in his pocket, these old wrinkled up photos in his pocket, (laughs), of a portrait. And that's how I got my jobs. People would say, "Would she do my kids?" And sometimes I would do the whole family, one at a time. It was a lot of fun. And sometimes, I would do their house. He was my agent. He was. He was very appreciative."

When Stasia moved to the Eastern Shore she enjoyed the benefits of the close artist communities of the Ocean City Art League and the Worcester County Arts Council. Moving also signaled a change in her subject matter.

Stasia Heubeck:
"When I came down here I've done some portraits. But now I have the opportunity to do the landscapes, and the wildlife, and the ponies. My style, I guess, like I say, I had this very traditional training. So that is pretty much the way I paint. It's realism. And I seem to like that best."

Stasia's oil paintings are true to life in their color and treatment. At the same time they have a cheerful, romantic quality about them. Being a process oriented artist results in finished products that are quite lovely. For her the techniques she learned with her classical training are almost as important as the subjects themselves.

Stasia Heubeck:
"I use linen canvas, um linen stretched canvas. Then I lay down some gesso on it as a background. I can tint it somewhat grey. I was taught that a medium tone helps you to put the lights and the darks on. If you look at the old master's paintings you can even see the linen underneath, with the tone on it, that they didn't need to paint on it because the tone was the right color for the transitions between the light and the dark. So that is what I do."

Stasia, like most artists, continues to learn and grow, ever improving and evolving.

Stasia Heubeck:
"I love Impressionist paintings even though I am a realist very much into detail. I am always trying to stretch over into the Impressionist style. My favorite painter is John Singer Sargent. And, he did that too. He was very detailed and all, but he was also Impressionistic in his style. When you look at his paintings you can see the brush strokes. You can see just the looseness of everything. I think so many artists try to achieve that. But, you really have to work at it. It doesn't come as free and easy as you might think it would be."

Stasia writes a column on art and artists, both local and world famous, for the Courier an Ocean Pines newspaper. She also gives classes at the Ocean City Center for The Arts. She is a member there and at the Worcester County Arts Council in Berlin, where she will be a featured artist this March. You can see her giclee prints and note cards for sale along with her original paintings at their co-op gallery.

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