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April 8-30, 2017
Barbara Jablin Exhibit
A.M. Gravely Gallery - 408 S. Talbot Street - St. Michaels, Maryland
An exhibit that will explore the 75 year art history of St. Michaels watercolorist, Barbara Jablin. A reception will be held on Saturday, April 8th, 5 to 7pm, as part of the Second Saturday St. Michaels Art Walk. Barbara Jablin has had a long career as an artist. You are invited to experience this artist's early work as a courtroom artist, illustrator, teacher, and today's exquisite watercolor paintings.
April 27 – 30, 2017
Spring Delmarva Birding Weekend

Since 1995, the Spring Delmarva Birding Weekend combines boat trips, paddling treks, and expeditions by foot when migrating neo-tropical warblers are passing through our region. The Delmarva Peninsula possesses an extensive variety of environments, including barrier islands, tidal wetlands, cypress swamps, upland fields and primeval forests. Our annual Delmarva Birding Weekends celebrate the amazing warblers, shorebirds, waterfowl and raptors that visit and live here on the peninsula.


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