Hardiness On Delmarva

According to the latest USDA hardiness map (see details TO THE RIGHT) Delmarva ranges between three temperature zones based on the average of extreme low temperature readings taken from regional weather stations. These maps are revised fromt time to time. When choosing plants check the planting recommendations for the zone you are in and watch for freeze warnings.

  • Delmarva Zones from north to south are: 7a - 7b - 8a.

  • Our average minimum lowest temperature ranges from 0-15 degrees Farenheit.

  • Our average last spring freeze usually happens between April 1st and April 15th.

  • Our average first autumn freeze usually happens between November 1st and November 15th.

  • The Arbor Day Foundation map is slightly different from the USDA map. It shows Delmarva in zones 7 and 8. According to their website our region has warmed up one full zone in the last decade.

  • Conversely in the summer gardeners need to be aware of drought conditions. Visit the US Drought Monitor for state by state drought conditions.

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