HERITAGE: Telling Delmarva's Story


Thomas Savage - American Dreamer

This is the story of Thomas Savage who was probably the first permanent English settler here on Virginia's Eastern Shore.


Rev. Charles A. Tindley

This is the story of one of America's great gospel music composers and a Delmarva native.


Assateague Island’s Early Beginnings

Assateague Island is 37 miles long and actually home to three separately managed parks. The story of how it got divvied up goes back a few hundred years.


Edmund Scarborough & Ann Toft

This is the story about colonial Delmarva’s power couple Edmund Scarborough and Ann Toft.


Delmarva River & Bay Pilots

Learn about the people responsible for guiding ships through our rivers and bays.


Absalom Jones & Richard Allen

It is interesting to note how many people from Delmarva have had a profound impact on the early Civil Rights movement.


Delmarva’s Whispering Giants

In two of Delmarva’s Beach towns there are large statues honoring the native peoples of this region One is in Bethany Beach and the other is in Ocean City. These are part of a series of statues called the Trail of Whispering Giants.


Delmarva Witchtrials

With Halloween just a few days away it is that time of year we indulge in scary stories. Delmarva has many ghostly legends chronicled in books and now by tour guides across the region. We also have a small history of witchcraft.


A Short History of The Rehoboth Art League

Since its founding the Rehoboth Art League has provided a variety of art learning experiences for artists and art enthusiasts.


Slavery On Delmarva

Racial conflict continues to be a big part of our public discourse. It is hard to deny that our heritage of state sanctioned slavery is at root of these tensions. This is a brief overview of the history of slavery on Delmarva.

Archived Stories

Delmarva History In April

April 2, 1912
An F2 tornado destroyed a home in Dagsboro killing one person.

April 3rd-4th, 1915
Ten or more inches of snow fell in parts of Delmarva during a nor'easter.

April 5-6, 1813
The British Navy tried to bombard Lewes, Delaware. The only lasting effect was a cannonball that remains lodged in the foundation of what now serves as the town's maritime museum.

April 6, 1630
Maryland General Assembly divided into an upper and lower house.

April 6, 1889
Pilot boat Enoch Turley disappears with five pilots and five crew members during a gale off the coast of Lewes.

April 7, 1925
Delaware adopted a state song called "Our Delaware" composed by William M. S. Brown and lyrics by George B. Hynson.

April 8, 1910
Maryland became the 7th state to ratify 16th Amendment to U.S. Constitution allowing for the collection of a federal income tax.

April 9, 1792
Delaware pilots went on strike refusing to conduct ships through the Delaware Bay. Despite the threats to bring in strike breakers the dispute was settled and the pilots demands were granted.

April 10, 1877
Three days of strong coastal storms caused heavy beach erosion.

April 13, 1926
Cape Henlopen Lighthouse collapsed after years of weather damage and abandonment.

April 14, 1939
Delaware officially adopted the Blue Hen Chicken was as their State Bird. Yankee Captain Jonathan Caldwell of Kent County, Delaware raised fighting cocks that were bluish in color. His troops held chicken fights between battles against the British during Revolutionary War. The Blue Hens became their mascot because of their fierce and winning ways.

April 15, 1964
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel opened. It was named one of the 7 modern engineering wonders of the world.

April 17, 1990
Strong winds associated with heavy storms gusted to 75 mph in the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia.

April 17, 1741
Samuel Chase, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was born in Princess Anne, Maryland

April 19, 1999
The second (parallel) span of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel opens for traffic.

April 19, 1774
The last colonial General Assembly was suspended in Maryland.

April 21, 1813 The British warship Poictiers was blocking the Delaware Bay. They sent the crew of one of their fleet, the schooner Pilgrim, ashore at Little Creek in search of food and supplies. Local fishermen and farmers fought them off.

April 21, 1649
A religious toleration law was enacted in colonial Maryland.

April 24, 1987
Thunderstorms dumped up to seven inches of rain in Virginia over the course of three days.

April 28, 1788
The Maryland Convention was the 7th state to ratify US Constitution.

April 29, 1813
British take and destroy Frenchtown near Elk Landing (Elkton), Cecil County before heading to the Battle of Baltimore.

April 30, 1990
Thunderstorms moving over the Chesapeake Bay flooded U.S. Route 50 on Kent Island Maryland, with several inches of water. This caused a seventeen-mile long traffic jam.

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