HERITAGE: Telling Delmarva's Story


Thomas Savage - American Dreamer

This is the story of Thomas Savage who was probably the first permanent English settler here on Virginia's Eastern Shore.


Rev. Charles A. Tindley

This is the story of one of America's great gospel music composers and a Delmarva native.


Assateague Island’s Early Beginnings

Assateague Island is 37 miles long and actually home to three separately managed parks. The story of how it got divvied up goes back a few hundred years.


Edmund Scarborough & Ann Toft

This is the story about colonial Delmarva’s power couple Edmund Scarborough and Ann Toft.


Delmarva River & Bay Pilots

Learn about the people responsible for guiding ships through our rivers and bays.


Absalom Jones & Richard Allen

It is interesting to note how many people from Delmarva have had a profound impact on the early Civil Rights movement.


Delmarva’s Whispering Giants

In two of Delmarva’s Beach towns there are large statues honoring the native peoples of this region One is in Bethany Beach and the other is in Ocean City. These are part of a series of statues called the Trail of Whispering Giants.


Delmarva Witchtrials

With Halloween just a few days away it is that time of year we indulge in scary stories. Delmarva has many ghostly legends chronicled in books and now by tour guides across the region. We also have a small history of witchcraft.


A Short History of The Rehoboth Art League

Since its founding the Rehoboth Art League has provided a variety of art learning experiences for artists and art enthusiasts.


Slavery On Delmarva

Racial conflict continues to be a big part of our public discourse. It is hard to deny that our heritage of state sanctioned slavery is at root of these tensions. This is a brief overview of the history of slavery on Delmarva.

Archived Stories

Delmarva History In December

December 3, 1847
Eastern Shore native Frederick Douglass begins publishing the anti-slavery newspaper The North Star.

December 4, 1931
A mob lynched African American, Matthew Williams, on the courthouse lawn in Salisbury, Maryland.

December 4, 1882
The Bark Maddalena Secondo was stranded at Cedar Island, Virginia. The boat's drunken crew had to be forced to shore by the local lifesaving station keeper John B. Whealton and his crew.

December 6, 1920
A fire destroyed a substantial section of the business district of Lewes, Delaware.

December 6, 1884
The schooner Margaret A. May was wrecked at North Beach, Maryland, when a gale pushed the ship beyond the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

December 6, 1632
Capt. David Pieterson DeVries arrives at Zwaanendael to find the Dutch whaling colony destroyed.

December 7, 1883
The Albert Dailey Smith wrecked off Smith Island Station, Virginia in a dense fog.

December 7, 1968
Attorney and pilot Ed Nabb made his first Holly Run to Tangier Island. Each year a squadron of small planes brings holly to decorate the churches and homes there. Santa tags a long to visit the kids too. It still continues with volunteers today.

December 7, 1787
Delegates meeting at a tavern in Dover signed documents making Delaware the first state to ratify the US Constitution.

December 8, 1963
Lightning caused the crash of a jet airliner killing 81 persons at Elkton, Maryland.

December 9, 1983
Chesapeake Bay Agreement to improve water quality and living resources of Bay signed by Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, District of Columbia, Chesapeake Bay Commission, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The agreement was updated again on December 14, 1987.

December 11, 1863
Birthdate of Annie Jump Cannon of Dover, Delaware, an American astronomer who with Edward C. Pickering, is credited with the creation of the first serious attempt to organize and classify stars based on their temperatures.

December 11, 1901
The outer breakwater at Lewes (aka the National Harbor of Refuge) completed.

December 14, 1905
A schooner, the Pendleton Sisters wrecked at Metomkin Island, Virginia during a Nor'Easter.

December 15, 1864
During this month, General B. F. Butler, the Union commander for the Eastern Shore of Virginia, declared that no preachers could preach unless they took an oath of allegiance to the United States.

December 24, 1673
Lord Baltimore's soldiers from nearby Maryland raided and burned buildings in Whorekill, Delaware.

December 26, 1812
The British declared a state of blockade on the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay which lasted until Christmas day in 1814 with the signing of the treaty at Ghent which ended the war.

December 27, 1884
The Norwegian Bark Lena, broke apart after hitting the shoals off Hog Island Station, Virginia taking the lives of eight men.

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