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Aurelio Grisanty
Artist Aurelio Grisanty was born in the Dominican Republic where he had a successful career in graphic design. He moved the US in 1984. He lived most of his life in Washington DC before moving to coastal Delaware in 2004 eventually settling happily in Milton.

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Growing Up Delmarvellous
Gretchen Hanson, executive chef of Hobos Restaurant and Bar in Rehoboth Beach is here to tell us the story learning to cook from her grandmother.

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Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Spring wildlife watching on Delmarva really starts to heat up in early May. By now, most of our summer breeding birds have arrived and are nesting or raising young. Migration is in full swing, so shorebirds and songbirds that nest north of us are passing through to fuel up.

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Shore-Made Pearl Buttons
With all the oysters being harvested along Delmarva's shores it is not surprising to learn that businesses developed which could make use of the remnant shells.

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One Of Our Spring Favorites: The Osprey
Naturalist Jim Rapp will tell us about one of those birds we love to watch on Delmarva particularly during the Spring.

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Ric Conn
Like many artists Ric Conn has been drawing since he was small child. He began painting as a teenager. Though he went to art school he considers himself mostly self taught.

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America’s Love Of Oysters
We'll hear from Charlie Pertocci, an historian and former game warden, who lectures about our seafood heritage and has organized a local seafood festival or two. I asked him to tell me about our seafood heritage here on Delmarva and America's love affair with the oyster.

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Wildlife In Season

Most birds are nesting now. Keep an eye out for mama osprey and eagles which can be seen along our bay areas. Piping plover and sea turtle nesting season begins along some beaches and sandy islands. Avoid getting close to marked nesting areas. Butterflies are all around including the black swallow tail. More and more turtles can be seen around area ponds and ditches. Watch out to avoid mowing over them in your yard.

May is a great time to start looking for herps - frogs, slamanders, turtles, lizards, and snakes. Make sure you send pictures or descriptions of your finds to the Lower Shore Herp Atlas.


Delmarva's Night Sky

May 4 - Full Moon
May 6-7 - Eta Aquariids Meteor Shower
May 18 - New Moon
May 23 - Saturn at Opposition - closest to Earth

Names for the May full moon include:
Bright Moon, Flower Moon, or Frogs Return Moon

Find out more on the Rhythms & Tides page.

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