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Anne Coates
Meet the owner of Bishop Stock Gallery in Snow Hill which has become one of the most prestigious art galleries on Delmarva.

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The Johnson Victrola Museum
Occasional Almanac contributor Marilyn Buerkle takes us to Dover to visit the Johnson Victrola Museum.

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Getting Ready For Fall With Delmarva Style
Keyanna Bowen will give you a few tips to get your wardrobe and home ready for fall.

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Signs Of Late Summer
Jim Rapp tells us how nature on Delmarva is in a visible state of transition as August shifts to September.

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August Garden Planner
Scott Duncan gives us garden tips for August that month which is all about knowing when to keep things watered and harvesting as things ripen.

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Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry is perhaps the preeminent Impressionist painter from Worcester County.

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The Birds of Skimmer Island
Jim Rapp tells us about protecting the nesting habitat found on Skimmer Island near Ocean City, Maryland.

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Norwood’s Trip To The Beach
Have you ever wondered who the first tourist was to enjoy a beach vacation in Ocean City? Henry Norwood may not have been the first - but he probably had one of the worst trips to the beach ever.

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Wildlife In Season

Now that nesting season is done we can get closer to the sand islands along the coastal bays where the plovers hang out. And, every evening that is also where just before dusk you can see a mass exodus of long necked shorebirds arriving from the inland marshes to feed on bait fish. The countryside provides a lot of beautiful wildflowers this time of year. Get up early to enjoy the morning glories and dune mallows. Many fields have a golden crown of Jerusalem artichokes, the dusty rose of the joe-pye-weed and purple aster. And the black-eyed susan's are still flourishing. In late August through the month of September migrating Neotropical songbirds pass through the region. Visit for regular birding forecast updates.

Butterflies are still out in force right now. You can still see black and spicebush swallowtails, buckeyes, variegated fritillaries, and eastern blues. The end of the month is your chance to see the great monarch butterfly migration. It usually occurs when a weather system with strong winds out of the North East push the butterflies to Lewes and down the coast. One notable place here is at the Virginia Wildlife Management Area which is just off Route 13 before you get to the Bay Bridge Tunnel in Cape Charles. Now is a good time to start looking for migrating hawks and owls. Banding programs for perrgrine falcons and sawhet owls are conducted on Assateague island.


Delmarva's Night Sky

September 1 - Neptune at Opposition - closest to Earth
September 13 - New Moon
September 23 - Autumnal Equinox
September 23 - Total Lunar Eclipse
September 28 - Full Moon

Names for the September full moon include:
Harvest Moon or Wine Moon

Find out more on the Rhythms & Tides page.

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