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Assateague mares start to show off recently born foals. The northern spring migration is well underway by the end of April. Song birds are arriving. Waterfowl and raptors are moving on. A few transient green wing teal are still in the area as of the beginning of the month. Animals also begin to shake of their winter doldrums and are sometimes more visible. Deer, unafraid with hunting season over can also be seen more frequently. In the water, look for muskrats and otters. Baby terrapins are also making an appearance. Watch for them in your lawn when mowing for the first time this spring.



April 8 - Mars at Opposition
April 15 - Full Moon
April 15 - Total Lunar Eclipse
April 22, 23 - Lyrids Meteor Shower
April 29 - New Moon
April 29 - Annular Solar Eclipse

Names for the April full moon include:
Growing Moon, Hare Moon or Planter's Moon



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Holidays This Month

Alcohol Awareness Month
Poetry Month
April 1 - April Fool's Day
April 13 - Palm Sunday (Christian)
April 15 - Passover Begins (Judaism)
April 18 - Good Friday (Christian)
April 20 - Easter Sunday (Christian)
April 22 - Earth Day
Last Friday in April - Arbor Day

Birthstone: Diamond
Flower: Sweet Pea, Daisy

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