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One Of Our Spring Favorites: The Osprey
Naturalist Jim Rapp will tell us about one of those birds we love to watch on Delmarva particularly during the Spring.

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Ric Conn
Like many artists Ric Conn has been drawing since he was small child. He began painting as a teenager. Though he went to art school he considers himself mostly self taught.

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America’s Love Of Oysters
We'll hear from Charlie Pertocci, an historian and former game warden, who lectures about our seafood heritage and has organized a local seafood festival or two. I asked him to tell me about our seafood heritage here on Delmarva and America's love affair with the oyster.

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Alternatives To Spring Cleaning
The time for spring cleaning arrives on Delmarva at the same time as it does everywhere else. And it is now that time of year.

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Rich Smoker
Rich Smoker is a master waterfowl sculptor from Marion Station, Maryland. His carvings have won prizes at the highest levels of competition.

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The Ward Brothers: Singing Barbers
Lem and Steve Ward were not just barbers they were musicians. Hear them sing in their barbershop quartet.

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Attracting Birds With Native Plants
Gardeners are always looking for ways to attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, and humming birds not only to help their gardens grow, but to be a part of helping their community generally have a more sustainable ecosystem. Growing native plants is no longer a new trend. It is an establish and well liked approach for many gardeners.

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Wildlife In Season

Assateague mares start to show off recently born foals. The northern spring migration is well underway by the end of April. Song birds are arriving. Waterfowl and raptors are moving on. A few transient green wing teal are still in the area as of the beginning of the month. Animals also begin to shake of their winter doldrums and are sometimes more visible. Deer, unafraid with hunting season over can also be seen more frequently. In the water, look for muskrats and otters. Baby terrapins are also making an appearance. Watch for them in your lawn when mowing for the first time this spring.


Delmarva's Night Sky

April 4 - Full Moon
April 4 - Total Lunar Eclipse
April 18 - New Moon
April 22-23 - Lyrids Meteor Shower

Names for the April full moon include:
Growing Moon, Hare Moon or Planter's Moon

Find out more on the Rhythms & Tides page.

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