Monday, March 19, 2018
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March 2018- Gun Violence, Part 1. Mars arrives in Capricorn. Look out!

To recap: Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means the energy is best expressed in that sign. Anyone with that placement is patient, hard-working and determined. They have amazing endurance and the ability to bounce back from anything. Mars really acts up in the fire signs, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius (Mars has been going through Sagittarius for the last several weeks). People with Mars in one of these signs lose their tempers easily, break up with lovers or spouses, fight, chase women, fall in love at first sight or spend too much money. In ancient times, Mars was the god of war, and men going into battle would invoke him to assure victory in the battlefield. Today the planet Mars continues to define aggressive and belligerent behavior, as well as other more constructive attributes when properly applied.

Mars rules guns and weapons of war. So let’s talk about the NRA, a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Well, it is a lot more than that. The Florida Legislature, Congress and even the president, fear and bow to the NRA in exchange for lucrative donations. There is blood on the hands of our elected officials and their heads are in the sand. NRA supporters say, let’s arm the teachers (it will sell more guns!) The victims’ families have been threatened, the deepest cut of all. The country has been paralyzed, even though it is obvious we need to change gun laws and restrict the sales of assault weapons. Why? Because guns are Big Business. Like Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Technology. It’s basic Marketing 101. They have a product they believe people want. They encourage the demand even if the public cries out for justice and moral responsibility. The NRA, a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Oh really!

Kudos to the brave students in Florida who have spoken out demanding change. Stand up to the threats. Make a big noise. Don’t let anyone, especially the NRA, stop you. Teachers, students and families cannot continue to live in fear.

Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn (October 2017) corresponds to the increase in violent events, because Pluto is here too. The government and law enforcement are challenged and called to task. The recent shooting in Florida galvanized and inflamed the country. We are close to a critical mass. We are mad as hell and can’t take it anymore. Saturn, the karmic teacher and grim reaper will approach Pluto the planet of permanent transformation at the end of 2018. Saturn brings the chickens home to roost. We get what’s coming to us.

Now back to Mars. Mars the energizer and instigator comes in March 17 and conjuncts Saturn, followed by Pluto. Like the Moon, Mars is an accurate timer of events and makes things happen. Pluto sits quietly for a long time then erupts like a volcano without warning. All three planets will be together in April and the shit could hit the fan, especially when Saturn and Pluto station retrograde. Good thing Mars will move through quickly and enter Aquarius on May 16.

I don’t usually make predictions but I might go out on a limb and make one now. Maybe things will be ironed out smoothly, who knows. I hope it doesn’t take more slaughter of the innocents, more school shootings, to bring about a change but I suspect it might. The copycats and the disenchanted crazies will come out of the woodwork.

Gun violence results from two equally responsible causes, the availability of guns, and mental illness, which I will address next month. You cannot blame one and discount the other. It is also compounded by a variety of circumstances. Each problem requires patience, determination, better education, new solutions and some thinking outside the box.

Next week: Gun Violence, Part 2. A Review of Astrology and Mental Illness.

CELESTIAL ALMANAC: Virgo Full Moon March 2, Libra Full Moon March 31 (another Blue Moon), Pisces New Moon, March 17. Spring Equinox March 20.

Continue reading for the March forecast. Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now. –The Youngbloods.

This Month's Horoscope
(Born between March 21 - April 19)
This month there is a stellium (three or more planets together) here, which happens often because of the Sun, Mercury and Venus normally travelling close together. Uranus is at the end of Aries. Venus and Mercury come in together on March 6 then the Sun at the Equinox March 20. This is a bold and energetic time for Aries and the other cardinal signs. Time to wake up and make a fresh start. Creativity, ingenuity, unusual new ideas and inventions are favored. Build a better mousetrap. Mercury will station retrograde March 23 so get all your ducks in a row before then.
Taurus taurus
(Born between April 20 - May 19)
Read about Scorpio. Because of the Jupiter station you too could slow down, get a little lazy, or put on some weight. You may procrastinate (which Taurus is famous for!) Your projects may be delayed or run out of steam for the time being. The positive thing about a retrograde is that you can see things from a different point of view. Because of the stuff going on in Capricorn you may want to put off travel for a while. You may have the urge to go but there could be problems. Relationships may become routine and boring. So find something new to do together.
Gemini Gemini
(Born between May 20 - June 20)
The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces on March 4-5 may bring some interesting surprises in your career. An overnight promotion could come out of nowhere. A scandal may be uncovered. It might not be about you, it could be in your company or environment. Someone might be trying to scam you so look out. Also you may be very creative at this time, with writing, speaking, poetry and films for example. Because of Mars there is still a little friction so try to get along and work things out with people.
Cancer cancer
(Born between June 21 - July 22)
Read about Aries and Capricorn. Both will you give you useful advice. The activity in Aries calls attention to your career and public life, in a good way. Get excited. Work on a new resume. This is the best time of year for you Cancers to make changes. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn will emphasize relationships especially at the end of the month. If you have been avoiding your problems, they will come to the surface now whether you like it or not. Deal with it. In the end it will be for the best. Practice patience and forbearance.
Leo leo
(Born between July 23 - August 21)
Spring is always a good time for Leos, with all the stuff going on in Aries. Read about that sign. This year is no exception. Creative projects, education, travel and adventure are favored, but remember Mercury will station this month so there might be a hiccup or two, after March 23. You can still plan a trip but have plan B ready in case there is a flight change. While Mars is still in Sagittarius, romance, sports and social activities are favored.
Virgo virgo
(Born between August 22 - September 22)
Children could give you a little agitation. Adult children may have problems or need your advice. There could be loss in gambling or speculation, perhaps from making poor choices. Stick to conservative investments. Look before you leap. Because of the Sun and Neptune secrets may come to light around March 4-5. Make sure you and your partner have been honest with each other. This could be a dreamy, romantic day for some people. You may have a secret admirer.
Libra libra
(Born between September 23 - October 22)
Because of all the activity in Aries, relationships and all stages of romance are favored. It is a time of seasonal new beginnings in general but also in a more personal way. Someone new is coming down the pike. Or in an established relationship you may rekindle the spark. Change things up a little. Start going out on a regular Friday night date, or take a second honeymoon. Because of the Mercury station after March 23, plan on reorganization and cleaning out closets.
Scorpio scorpio
(Born between October 23 - November 21)
Jupiter stations retrograde on March 9 and things could slow down in some way. For the next several months you will be lazy and more self-indulgent. You may take things for granted. Some people may gain weight. Your affairs and projects may get sidelined, run out of steam or fail to progress. It isn’t a bad thing, it just means you have to wait on something or do things differently. As with the Mercury Rx, work with the situation. Have faith and think positive. March 4 or 5 could be a pleasant, romantic day for you.
Sagittarius sagittarius
(Born between November 22 - December 21)
While Mars is here until March 17 you are still in a high energy cycle. This is fine as long as you have plenty of work to do and stay out of trouble. Eat right, get enough rest and do your workouts. Because of the Aries planets life continues in high gear. Children’s activities, social events, parties, sports and romance will fill your schedule. If you don’t have children, spend time with grandchildren or other people’s families. They will make you feel young again.
Capricorn capricorn
(Born between December 22 - January 20)
Mars arrives on St. Patrick’s Day and as you know, this is the best place (exalted) for Mars energies. When joining Saturn at the end of the month things could be interesting. These two planets tend to fight each other, a push-me-pull-you effect, but sometimes they produce a determined surge of activity, especially in Capricorn. There could be delays, injuries or problems, but if you watch your step things could work out in your favor. A delay might even be to your benefit. You could do some really hard physical work, just be careful. There must be focus and concentration. This transit is especially helpful for the earth signs.
Aquarius aquarius
(Born between January 21 - February 19)
This should be a quiet month for you. Because of the Aries planets, however, this is a good time to go back to school, study a new subject or do some background research. Get thee to the library and take out some new books. Jupiter stationing at the midheaven may indicate a slowdown at work or in your career. What you were hoping for may not materialize, at least not yet. Don’t worry though, just be patient, observe, take notes, wait and see. Wheels are turning.
Pisces pisces
(Born between February 20 - March 20)
While the Sun is here, enjoy the attention. Enjoy some good times with friends. If you need a loan or a favor, now is the time to ask. When Jupiter stations on March 9, certain things will slow down in your life. You can travel if you like but you may get to your destination a little late. You will see things differently. This is a good time for study, reflection and going within. Spiritual subjects appeal to you now. The Sun and Neptune are conjunct on March 4-5, bringing surprises and serendipity. Secrets are revealed.

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