Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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August 2017- Grab Bag: Assorted planetary updates and miscellany.

Mercury Rx in Virgo, Mars in Leo, Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Jupiter square Pluto, shooting stars and a solar eclipse. Lots of goodies, interesting transits, something for everyone!

Mercury will station retrograde in Virgo around August 13, turn direct in late Leo around September 4, and you know the drill. Time to take a break from your regular routine. Clean out closets, move the furniture and re-organize. Go through your files. Something you lost may be found at this time. Make repairs and throw out stuff you don’t need anymore. Virgo ruled activities are favored. Crafts, sewing, gardening, construction and anything to do using your hands is favored. In commuting and travel, you may arrive late, unexpectedly change your itinerary, get lost or simply have to take a detour. Don’t bother making plans, just wing it.

Now that Mars is in Leo, a fire sign, traveling side by side with the Sun, there are some pretty fiery energies out there. It’s a mine field. Accidents, fevers or burns, fires, temper tantrums, skirmishes and head-on collisions (figuratively speaking). These are things ruled by Mars. Take for example, the recent bad behavior in the White House. Anthony Scaramucchi (Capricorn), a flash in the pan, has the Sun and Mars in conjunction, square the Moon in Libra, so he is hot-tempered and combative by nature. Donald Trump has Mars conjunct his Leo Ascendant. I’ve told you enough about him. He especially had better watch out. The solar eclipse will happen right on his Leo ascendant.

I wrote about Jupiter and Neptune in April, mostly Neptune, and mostly regarding money. The generation born between 1948 and 1955, roughly speaking, (the Baby Boomers) has Neptune in middle to late Libra, and we of that generation are experiencing Jupiter’s transit across Neptune from now until early October. Many things could grow and blossom, such as spiritual consciousness, creative inspiration, romantic and platonic love, and bank accounts through serendipity or an unusual stroke of luck. Or the opposite might happen, such as over-optimism, over-spending, bad investments, gambling losses, excessive partying and general lethargy. You may just be a lazy bum during this time. There is day dreaming, fantasies or an unrealistic view of things. If it’s time to rest, go on sabbatical or take a vacation, well and good. Go, relax and enjoy yourself. There is, after all, a time and place for everything.

Since Jupiter has been in Libra for several months he has been moving in and out of the square to Pluto, and back again. Expansion through transformation is the basic theme. Hopefully you are not sitting around getting fat. Just kidding. Actually you could lose weight, and transform your life style. I did that once myself, years ago.

The solar eclipse in Leo on August 21 has been getting a big build-up. A large swath of the country from the Pacific Northwest down to the Carolinas will have a good view of the total eclipse. Remember that not everyone will be impacted by it. Some astrologers say that eclipses are over-rated. But if the eclipse occurs in your viewing area and Leo 29° is prominent in your chart, there may be the closing down of a cycle, an ending or someone leaving who is important in your life. It could happen in your environment, rather than to you personally. The influence lasts about 3 years depending on the duration of the eclipse in hours and minutes. Here is a good example: In September 2015 there was a solar eclipse in Libra, (in my 8th house, death) visible on the east coast, and two weeks later my father passed away. His ascendant was in Libra. He left behind a large family and many dear friends. A lot of ripples in the pond.

Remember the Perseid meteor shower on August 11-14, with the peak on August 12. This year’s show is supposed to be pretty good. Let’s hope for clear skies.

CELESTIAL ALMANAC: Aquarius Full Moon August 7, Leo New Moon (solar eclipse), August 21. On August 15-21 there will be a Grand Trine in fire, with Sun, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. That could bring on some excitement! Old news: Jupiter square Pluto August 2-8. Check out Robert Wilkinson’s articles at Aquarius Papers.



Continue reading for the August forecast. Oh, those hot summer nights!

This Month's Horoscope
(Born between March 21 - April 19)
As with last month, you are still in a high energy cycle. Your social life is busy and you have a lot of stuff happening with children even if you don’t have any of your own. Children are constantly popping up in your environment. If you see this happening, watch them, learn from them and embrace them. Romance is favored. There may be a wedding or special celebration coming up. Because of Jupiter, relationships may expand now and go to the next level.
Taurus taurus
(Born between April 20 - May 19)
During the first half of the month the Sun Mars conjunction will continue to influence activities at home. There may be arguments, upsets or an accident. Things will calm down by Labor Day. Just ride the waves. Try to get along with your family. Or there may be a lot of work in the house to do, and everyone is getting along just fine. It’s not necessarily a difficult period, but there is a strong focus on home life, and for some it will affect the career or public life too.
Gemini Gemini
(Born between May 20 - June 20)
It should be a quiet peaceful month, with nothing dirty going on. With Mercury Rx in Virgo, you could focus on your home, even more so if you conduct business at home. You are probably overdue to sort out your office, personal papers and bills. Go in the attic and get rid of junk. But keep your eyes open, you might find some interesting mementos. This is a good time to research your ancestry and discover your roots. Work on plans for your next career move.
Cancer cancer
(Born between June 21 - July 22)
While Venus is here, until August 26, enjoy yourself. That’s really it in a nutshell. Go shopping for clothes. Get a massage or a makeover. Be loving and kind to everyone. Invite people over. You will be invited out too. Get in touch with old friends. You are more attractive to the opposite sex, because of Venus, and a new admirer may be coming down the pike at this time. Because of Jupiter there may be a positive change at home.
Leo leo
(Born between July 23 - August 21)
Watch the Full Moon on August 7 and the eclipse on August 21. Both days may be important for you. If you are feeling really full of yourself, or you want to flex your muscle in a situation, this is Mars in Leo running amuck. You can use this energy to your advantage if you are smart. You can make aggressive moves now. Just be prepared to defend your position. Be confident, but also gracious, honest and polite. In leadership, don’t be a tyrant. Be reasonable and fair.
Virgo virgo
(Born between August 22 - September 22)
Read about Mercury Rx in the article above. You will notice it more because Mercury is your ruling planet. Communications are favored, in fact very important right now. Listen carefully to people. Check all your emails. Don’t delete anything important, which could happen during Mercury Rx. When out driving, there may be delays, and or mechanical problems. Just deal with it. Everything will be all right. In general, repairs and craft projects are favored, anything to do with the hands.
Libra libra
(Born between September 23 - October 22)
Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto on August 2-8 for the last time, until about six years from now. Many people won’t notice the effect, but there is an underlying transformation going on. Practice good people skills in daily life. Be kind and patient with others. Some people will simply grow up. A small loan or favor done with no thought of repayment will come back you tenfold. While Jupiter is still here you should feel optimistic and cheerful. All is right with the world.
Scorpio scorpio
(Born between October 23 - November 21)
The Sun Mars conjunction will have you fired up to make career moves. You are very ambitious. You tend to be outspoken and controversial so watch out. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. You could get caught up in a power play, either yours or someone else’s. Just make sure you have played your cards right and are above reproach. The eclipse on August 21 may bring an important event. Because of Venus, travel is favored right now. Take a cruise.
Sagittarius sagittarius
(Born between November 22 - December 21)
Travel, education and personal growth are favored this month. New ideas and opportunities are coming your way. You should try to schedule a trip now. You’ll certainly have the urge. If you travel for business it will be an adventure and bring important foreign business contacts. You’ll have fun. The eclipse could bring an ending or the closure of a chapter of your life. It could happen in your environment rather than to you personally.
Capricorn capricorn
(Born between December 22 - January 20)
Because of Jupiter there are still good things going on with your career. Possibilities. Keep good relationships with higher-ups because they will help you advance up the ladder, if they haven’t already. Interestingly, Capricorn Anthony Scaramucci just took a mighty fall but that is a prime example of excessive pride and arrogance. Those traits are the down side of Jupiter, especially with the square to Pluto. Be careful not to throw your weight around.
Aquarius aquarius
(Born between January 21 - February 19)
Because of the Sun and Mars, relationships assume much greater importance. Mars makes things happen. Sparks will fly but hopefully they will be the good kind. Confrontations may help push through necessary changes. The eclipse will bring an ending of some kind, such as separation or a spouse leaving permanently. But don’t be alarmed, remember what I said, not everyone will be touched by the eclipse. Whatever happens will be for the best.
Pisces pisces
(Born between February 20 - March 20)
The Mercury Rx in Virgo may affect relationships. Nothing bad, mind you, although secrets and surprises may come to light. There might be a misunderstanding or confusion with your partner. Just be honest and don’t try to hide things. In a rare instance, this might be a separation period when you are planning to get divorced. Organize papers, visit your lawyer and get your ducks all in a row. Don’t go to court or finalize until after September 4. On a lighter note, because of Venus, romance and social life are favored. Go out and have a little fun.

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