Tuesday, May 30, 2017
This Month's Column

May 2017- Now that Donald Trump is in the driver’s seat…

I wasn’t going to talk about politics. But I found some interesting transits of Mars and Saturn going on in President Trump’s chart. The first 100 days are behind him. Recently (late April) he has commented on how things turned out differently than he expected, and that he misses his old life. This job is much harder than he thought it would be. He thought it would be easier. The heat’s on and he can’t get out of the kitchen now. The media has been having a field day. He comes across as ignorant and misinformed, as do some members of his staff. I’ve been told (by a Trump fan, and I only know a couple of those) that I’m watching the wrong Tv channels. I say there is no right or wrong. I pay attention and try to keep an open mind. He must have some redeeming qualities in there some place.

Mars is now in Gemini and by the end of May will contact Trump’s Sun and Uranus. Impatience, bad temper, disagreements with others, unexpected accidents or illness (fevers). Also unexpected turns of behavior. He often does the unexpected and says crazy things. (God, I hope he doesn’t decide to attack North Korea just to make a point.) Saturn has been transiting near his Sagittarius Moon and is now retrograding into the conjunction. His rapport with the masses may be affected. At the same time, Saturn is opposite the Sun and Uranus. No wonder he is feeling under pressure. When Saturn is in opposition, there are often delays, resistance from higher authorities, sharp criticism, frustration, disappointment or depression. He may feel lonely in that fishbowl. With Mars involved, there might be broken bones or incapacitation from illness or injuries.

Because of Mars, Trump had better be very careful. He should watch his step and take care of his health. Because of Saturn, he may be feeling a little down, perhaps chastened, but he will learn something from it. He doesn’t strike me as one who caves in easily to defeat. He doesn’t get depressed. He doesn’t seem to care what people think. But Saturn says, grow up, kid. Take responsibility. If he doesn’t learn the intended lessons now, it will bite him in the butt later. I don’t think he will admit failure, step down or be impeached. He’ll slug it out for the next four years. All he has to do is think more carefully before he speaks. Don’t make snap judgements. Stop taking things away from the people. It will only undermine the national morale. Instead, show them more kindness and good will. And be a gentleman.

CELESTIAL ALMANAC: Scorpio Full Moon May 10-11, Gemini New Moon May 25.

Read on for the May forecast.

This Month's Horoscope
(Born between March 21 - April 19)
Creativity, ingenuity, communications and romance are favored this month. With Mercury, Venus and Uranus trine Saturn at various times, the hectic Aries energy is tempered a little. Aries people tend to overreact. The good qualities of Saturn will come out. Wisdom, maturity, patience and endurance will govern your actions. You may be attracted to a much older romantic partner. Parents are helpful, or you may look after them at this time.
Taurus taurus
(Born between April 20 - May 19)
With the Sun here, you are in the spotlight. People are watching you, especially employers or influential higher-ups, so make a good impression. Dress nicely and mind your manners. This is a good time for applications and job interviews. If your annual company review happens now it will go well. Watch the Scorpio Full Moon on May 10-11. Matters will come to a head in some way or there could be completion and fulfillment.
Gemini Gemini
(Born between May 20 - June 20)
With Mars here, you have lots of energy so find some constructive projects to do. Whatever you undertake will involve physical labor. But you can do it. There is also a lot of talk and communication going on. Be careful what you say and be discreet. Don’t spread gossip. Take care of your health and get plenty of rest. Stress and nervous tension are increased, so find time to relax. When Mars trines Jupiter on May 12, this is a beneficial, lucky influence.
Cancer cancer
(Born between June 21 - July 22)
The Aries planets put the focus on career and public life. Clients and customers like your work and give their approval. Success takes various forms. There is creativity, money, a raise or a good price for services rendered. The arts, fashion, entertainment and social media are favored. Your work increases in value. Admirers appear and recommend you. The Scorpio Full Moon on May 10-11 may bring romance and good times.
Leo leo
(Born between July 23 - August 21)
Travel, education and exploration are favored this month. Plan a trip, a cruise or something exotic. There will be new friends and social connections from far away as well as career activities, interviews and meetings. Because of Mercury, increased communications. As with Aries, help and good advice come from older people, parents or teachers. Romance and activities with young people are also favored. A longtime secret admirer comes forward.
Virgo virgo
(Born between August 22 - September 22)
This month you are concerned with finances, wills, estates and legal matters. Things should be going well. After Mercury stations on May 2, agreements and contracts can be signed and lawsuits settled amicably. There may be a surprise raise, a windfall or a change in your income. There could be a legacy from your parents. Property may be deeded to you. It is a good time to close on a home or build an addition. Progress comes after a long period of waiting.
Libra libra
(Born between September 23 - October 22)
Because of Mars, the old wanderlust returns. Don’t hesitate to get away for an adventure. Especially when Mars trines Jupiter, May 12, which is a perfect day to begin a trip or vacation. Also any project or endeavor begun on this day will be fortunate and successful. Mars and Jupiter together translate as “fortunate action”. Strike while the iron is hot. The Gemini New Moon on May 25 is also a good day to start a journey or a new project, or change your direction.
Scorpio scorpio
(Born between October 23 - November 21)
The Taurus Sun is shining on your relationships. You should do more things with your partner this month. Have some fun. For the most part this is a positive influence, not a difficult one. Singles will meet new people now. Romance and business relationships are favored as well as working out disagreements, if there are any. The Scorpio Full Moon on May 10-11 will bring some excitement, or the successful outcome of a project.
Sagittarius sagittarius
(Born between November 22 - December 21)
This will be a good month for you. Read about Aries. Romance, family life and children’s activities are favored. Your affairs are going well, perhaps rather uneventfully, but it’s all good. Patience, endurance and hard work are paying off. There are more responsibilities, especially with children but it’s worth it. Teaching and coaching sports are positive outlets. Mars in your marriage house brings some excitement. Direct this into romance and happy pursuits.
Capricorn capricorn
(Born between December 22 - January 20)
The Taurus Sun may bring some romance and pleasant social times with friends. Participate in sports and outdoor activities. Go hiking and camping. Spend more time with children now. The Aries planets will favor home life and creativity, and for some of you, the career and public life. Get in touch with relatives. Re-financing your mortgage can be done now, also redecorating and buying art and furniture for the house.
Aquarius aquarius
(Born between January 21 - February 19)
Mars is in your house of fun and games. There is a time and place for everything. Now is the time to play with your children, grandchildren or the neighbors’ children. Babies may be conceived or born now. Romance, new friendships, sports, gambling and night life are favored. When Mars trines Jupiter on May 12, you might win at cards. You are tempted to take risks, such as car racing. You want to be active and feel the wind in your hair. Have fun but be careful.
Pisces pisces
(Born between February 20 - March 20)
Mars will square Neptune on May 10. For a few days around then you may be careless or accident-prone. Watch what other people do around you. They can be sneaky. Check the security of your home. Also you are prone to allergic reactions to food and drugs. But don’t worry, just keep your eyes open. This is a short transit. When Mars trines Jupiter on May 12 your luck may swing the other way. Money or a gift may come to you unexpectedly.

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