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April 2018: Gun Violence, part 2. A Review of Astrology and Mental Illness

This forecast is dedicated to my dear friend and most enthusiast fan, Elaine Coate, 1927-2018. An exuberant Sagittarius, she always loved my posts, complimented and encouraged me. She believed in me. Thank you, Elaine and rest in peace!

“The silicon chip inside her head
Gets switched to overload
And nobody's gonna go to school today
She's going to make them stay at home
And daddy doesn't understand it
He always said she was as good as gold
And he can see no reason
'Cause there are no reasons
What reason do you need to be sure
Oh, oh, oh tell me why
I don't like Mondays
Tell me why
I don't like Mondays
Tell me why
I don't like Mondays
I want to shoot
The whole day down!”

–from The Boomtown Rats, written by Bob Geldof in 1979, inspired by a senseless act of gun violence.

This article is reprinted in part from September 2012. It gives an insight to astrological aspects and violent behavior.

A person’s horoscope gives plenty of clues to what makes him tick. All of the signs have their positive and negative qualities but the water signs are more susceptible to mental illness. When the Sun is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the person is more sensitive and emotional. Water signs are sympathetic and thoughtful of others as a rule. This can be turned inside out and they can just as easily feel sorry for themselves. Afflictions in water signs produce depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol addiction, bipolar illness or schizophrenia.

The Moon and Mercury are the most important indicators. The Moon rules the brain and the emotions. Mercury rules communications and the active thinking processes. Example aspects that suggest difficulty are Sun square Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, Moon square Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, Mercury square Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. If you are born with any of these aspects, it doesn’t automatically mean you are unstable. You might be well balanced and have everything under control, especially if you have some planets in earth signs, or a well aspected Saturn.

Each planet produces certain effects. Mars: Violence, contrariness, uncontrollable temper, epilepsy. Jupiter: A benefic planet, but sometimes produces alcoholism, delusions of grandeur, megalomania. Saturn: Difficulty discussing problems, repression, depression, negative outlook. Some people live under a cloud. I call it the Poor Me syndrome. Uranus: restlessness, unpredictability, eccentricity, violence, anxiety, paranoia, epilepsy. Neptune: No grip on reality, delusions, fantasies, escapism, lethargy, drug abuse and alcoholism. Pluto: Emotional breakdowns, violence, abuse towards or from others such as rape or imprisonment, sexual problems, drug abuse, reclusive tendencies, suicide and obsession with the dark side of life.

When the conditions result in violence, either to oneself or to others, combined with anger, hatred and loss of reason that is a whole different ball game.
Here is a handful of people who went over the edge, with their birthdays. James Holmes (movie theater, Aurora CO) 12/13/87. The 2012 article was originally inspired by him plus other events during the summer of 2012. Adam Lanza (elementary school, Sandy Hook CN) 4/22/92, Steven Paddock (concert venue, Las Vegas NV) 4/9/53, Dylann Roof (black church, Charlston SC) 4/3/94, Nikolas Cruz (high school, Parkland FL) 9/24/98, Brenda Ann Spencer (elementary school, San Diego CA. She didn’t like Mondays.) 4/3/62. One Sagittarius, one Libra and four Aries.

Aries is well known for a bad temper and starting fights. Always the first to fire a shot. Sag is a fire sign. They are temperamental too. Libra strangely enough likes peace and harmony. It’s odd that Libra Nikolas Cruz should be violent but he was clearly afflicted and off balance (Libra is the sign of the scales). He hated everybody. The water signs are more likely to have a meltdown in the form of a quiet nervous breakdown or drug overdose, rather than open fire on a crowd with an AK-15. The fire signs are more prone to violence. They love fires, fireworks, guns and bombs. Sometimes air sign Aquarius might. They are rebels who like to start trouble. Chaos and radical change have great appeal to them.

Each of these cases has a complex back story. A broken home, difficult parents, poverty and trouble fitting in at school, drugs, alcohol, peculiar behavior or violent urges that come out of nowhere. Difficult planetary combinations plus free will figure into it. I could write a whole book…

CELESTIAL ALMANAC: Libra Full Moon March 31-April 1 (another Blue Moon), Scorpio Full Moon April 30, Aries New Moon, April 16. Now you can see Venus, just after sunset, super bright and low in the evening sky. Jupiter is rising in the east at the same time.

Continue reading for the April forecast.

This Month's Horoscope
(Born between March 21 - April 19)
Mercury stations direct around April 15. After that communications will improve and things go back to a normal routine. You can finalize deals and sign contracts now. Uranus is winding up his seven year visit in your sign. There may be a few last minute surprises and enlightening experiences, since a planet in the 29th and last degree of any sign has much more power. This is a critical degree, also referred to as the anaretic degree. You may have to make an important decision now. At the end of the month some crazy stuff may happen in the outer world.
Taurus taurus
(Born between April 20 - May 19)
Venus enters Taurus on March 31-April 1 and will be here until April 24. She is at home here (as in Libra). This is a short transit so make the most of it. Do nice (healthy) things for yourself. You will naturally look more attractive and feel the love. Admirers and new friends come knocking. This is a good time to redecorate, shop for clothes, art and things for your home, although with Jupiter in opposition you may go overboard. Try to buy quality goods, not junk. There is a focus on relationships which can be variable. Not good or bad, just on your mind. A new romance, or maybe an expensive night out.
Gemini Gemini
(Born between May 20 - June 20)
This should be an easygoing period for you. Projects and activities are going well. Venus moves in on April 24 and like Taurus, you too will look good, feel good and probably socialize a lot more than usual. This is a very good influence for finance, business and professional relationships. If you need a loan or a favor now is the time to ask. Romance and creativity are favored. After Mercury stations direct on April 15, contracts can be signed.
Cancer cancer
(Born between June 21 - July 22)
Mars and Saturn in Capricorn will emphasize relationships. Mars conjuncts Saturn on April 1-2 then separates. On April 26-27 Mars conjuncts Pluto. If you’re in a relationship there may be some strain, some bumps in the road, possibly followed by a permanent change. The circumstances and outcome will be different for everyone, certainly if you are not in a relationship. It’s a high energy period so be careful. Be strong and don’t give your power away.

A special reminder to Cancer: With Saturn in your marriage house, it isn’t the best time to get married, and there may be something standing in your way. For example the object of your love might already be married. A relationship beginning now might have a karmic purpose. Stick with it and learn something. Any other existing relationships may be under strain. One partner may need the other to take care of him. An older person or parent may present a challenge. Transiting Mars sees to it that these things will be experienced and dealt with.
Leo leo
(Born between July 23 - August 21)
Because of Jupiter you may enjoy some relaxing times at home. Jupiter Rx is kind of lazy but that’s okay. Don’t try to do anything grand or ambitious in your house until Jupiter stations in a few months. If you try to finish a project or move to a new residence you may end up just going in circles. Travel, adventure and education are favored especially after Mercury stations. April 15-20 is the best window of time to schedule a short trip.
Virgo virgo
(Born between August 22 - September 22)
Because of all the stuff going on in Capricorn, there may be concerns with your children, if you are on the family track. There will be a certain focus on their activities. You may have to be in charge. Some kids will get into trouble, break the rules or resist authority. Other than that, this is a period of hard work which once you get past the hurdles will bring good results, so think positive. Stay informed, keep an eye on what the higher-ups in business are doing and put your diplomatic talents to good use.
Libra libra
(Born between September 23 - October 22)
This month things calm down a little, thankfully. Read about Aries though, and watch out for Uranus in the last degree of Aries, at the end of the month and the first two weeks of May. There may be surprises and unexpected announcements. Some Libras will elope with an unusual choice of a partner, or a relationship may come to a sudden end. Because of Mars there may be unsettled situations at home. Wait it out and don’t do anything drastic. Everything will turn out fine in the end.
Scorpio scorpio
(Born between October 23 - November 21)
Read about Taurus. You too may go shopping. Scorpio likes nice things. Be careful though, and don’t spend too much. Business is going well, and you are very attractive at this time as well. New friends and lovers are coming. You might even get a proposal. Romance and new relationships are favored, although you might get carried away too quickly. A whirlwind affair may be wonderful today but all over tomorrow. Have fun and enjoy the ride but don’t take it too seriously.
Sagittarius sagittarius
(Born between November 22 - December 21)
Because of all the stuff in Capricorn there may be a focus on values, finances and property. Make sure your accounts are in order and all your ducks in a row. For example: Be sure you file your tax return by April 16. A debt or loan may be called in now so be prepared. It depends on your situation. If you have been sensible and practical you don’t have to worry. Towards the end of the month Venus in Gemini brings in a little romance. Read about Gemini.
Capricorn capricorn
(Born between December 22 - January 20)
Mars conjuncts Saturn on April 1-2 and on April 26-27 Mars conjuncts Pluto. Around the middle of the month Saturn and Pluto will station retrograde. As I told Cancer, the circumstances and outcome will be different for everyone. There will be challenges. It’s a high energy period so be careful. Be strong and don’t give your power away. No worries, though. It’s hard to bring down a Capricorn. Just a reminder: Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means the energy is best expressed in this sign. Anyone born with this placement, or with the Sun here is patient, hard-working and determined. They have amazing endurance and the ability to bounce back from anything. Like the Capricorn goat, you’ll land on your feet.
Aquarius aquarius
(Born between January 21 - February 19)
Because of Venus you may want to redecorate or buy some pretty things for your home. Get new furniture or put up new art work. You can go shopping now but look for good sales and watch your budget. Because of Venus opposite Jupiter there is a focus on the home vs. career in some way. You want to progress in a certain direction but have to wait a little while since Jupiter is retrograde. Be friendly and cooperative with everyone. This will pay off. Introduce creative ideas at work then be patient.
Pisces pisces
(Born between February 20 - March 20)
There will be changes in your friendships and group activities. If you get caught in a confrontation, deal with it. Be honest and straightforward, and don’t take any crap. Don’t feel too badly if a friend leaves your life. Wish them well and cherish the memories. People come and go, that’s just the way life is. The same thing is true if you decide to leave a club or organization. Sometimes you simply outgrow them! One door closes, another opens.

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