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September 2017- Recap: the Autumn Equinox, October 2012

On September 22 we have the Autumn Equinox, more popularly known as the first day of fall. The Sun enters Libra the sign of the Scales. The Scales represent finding the balance in our life. In Libra we bring harmony and diplomacy where it is needed. (Note that Jupiter having spent the past year in Libra, we have had many opportunities to grow and improve our balance!)

The opposite sign Aries also contains an equinox date, the first day of spring. The Autumn Equinox divides the day and night equally. When we pass through the equinoxes, the earth is in a place on the ecliptic, its journey around the Sun, where the hours of sunlight and darkness are about evenly divided.

Fashion dictates that we put away our white outfits and sandals on the first day of fall, or sometimes on Labor Day. We get out our sweaters and the Halloween decorations. We rake leaves and clean out the gardens. We enjoy bonfires, hiking, football and field hockey. We buy apple cider, gourds and pumpkins.

We haven’t wandered too far off from old world traditions. In Druidic and Wiccan lore, this date was known as Mabon. Perhaps we don’t practice the old rituals or celebrations in today’s culture but during medieval European times any excuse to have a feast was welcome. (We have our own excuses, such as Labor Day and Cinco de Mayo!) People paid their respects to the coming darkness of winter, gave thanks for the sunlight that was left and stored up the harvest of the year’s crops. They made offerings to the trees and nature spirits such as cider, wine and herbs. They put on all their finery and held festivals. Bonfires were popular as they still are today. They prepared for the seasonal death and re-birth of nature, which included Samhain (Halloween) and Yule (December 21, the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year). Traditional symbols of Mabon are acorns, pinecones, gourds, apples, vines, wine, bread, grains, corn, nuts, pomegranates and horns of plenty.

Today we don’t think of paying our respects to nature and showing our gratitude for the harvest. Perhaps we should! Between now and Samhain let’s remember to thank the universe for the cider, wine, pumpkins, cool nights and bonfires that we so casually take for granted. And with fewer daylight hours the idea is to work less hard, stay inside more, relax with our loved ones and sleep late in the mornings! –Originally posted October 2012.

CELESTIAL ALMANAC: Autumn Equinox September 22. Pisces Full Moon September 6, Virgo New Moon, September 20. Mercury stations in late Leo around September 5, so those of you who are worried about the retrograde, you can relax now. Travel, daily commuting, communications, negotiations, contracts, meetings and minor repairs should all proceed smoothly from now on.

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This Month's Horoscope
(Born between March 21 - April 19)
Right now, continuing from mid-August, there is a Grand Fire Trine with Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Mars moves into Virgo September 10 and then on September 13-18 there will be a Grand Fire Trine with Venus, Saturn and Uranus. The fire signs will have extra good luck and protective influences. You may have help from older people, teachers and advisors. There will be sudden opportunities or surprises. Even if nothing special happens, you have everything you need. Business affairs will flourish. In general, things are going well for you. Because of Venus in Leo, romance, social life and creativity are favored.
Taurus taurus
(Born between April 20 - May 19)
When Mars changes signs, there will be less pressure at home. Finish up the projects you have started. If there is tension or problems at home, these should ease up now. No more bumps in the road. Work out your differences and try to get along. This month you will want to relax and go out with friends. Romance, creativity and children’s activities are favored and even more so when Mercury and Venus move into Virgo. Volunteer activities may have an aspect of fun and enjoyment.
Gemini Gemini
(Born between May 20 - June 20)
Because of Mars, Mercury and Venus changing signs (to Virgo) throughout the month, there will be more emphasis on home life and family. This is a good time to plan a reunion or just get together for fun. Communications are important and you will be phoning and texting a lot. Work on your relationships with elderly parents, children and close relatives. With Virgo there is also an emphasis on service. Volunteer in the community. Someone may ask for your help. Those of you who work at home will have more stuff to do.
Cancer cancer
(Born between June 21 - July 22)
Your activities stick closer to home this month. There may be a chance to get involved with schools or neighborhood groups. Perhaps volunteer, and do rescue work, such as for the recently displaced families in flooded Texas. Cancer likes to cook and take care of people. With the Autumn Equinox on September 22 you could catch up on chores at home and prepare for winter, and the change of seasons. Can fruits and vegetables, stockpile firewood, sweep the hearth and fix the roof.
Leo leo
(Born between July 23 - August 21)
Read about Aries. You will have the same good luck and protective influences. The planets move quickly through Leo but stay just long enough for some blessings to come your way. Venus is here until September 20, so friendships, love affairs and all creative activities are favored. Artists will produce some of their best work. Pamper yourself. Single Leos may meet new lovers. Money is coming. Finances will prosper. An investment will pay off nicely.
Virgo virgo
(Born between August 22 - September 22)
Because of Mars, Mercury and Venus moving into Virgo your life will be a lot busier than usual. There may be an emphasis on health, diet and physical fitness, things which are ruled by Virgo. You are motivated to make positive changes and work out more. You are about to enter a high energy cycle and this energy needs a useful outlet. Sewing, gardening, building and crafts are favored. There is more work to do at your job but you are up for it. Watch the Virgo New Moon on September 20. This is a good day to start a project, diet or new workout program.
Libra libra
(Born between September 23 - October 22)
With the Autumn Equinox on September 22 a new cycle begins, and a change of the seasons. You will be the center of attention. This is Libra’s time of year to shine so be confident and think good thoughts. Jupiter says his farewells by the beginning of October. Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus in Aries at the end of the month might bring a surprise or upsetting news. If your apple cart gets knocked over, make cider. Well you know, make the best of the situation. When the dust settles, everything will turn out fine.
Scorpio scorpio
(Born between October 23 - November 21)
The planets favor your career and public life for a few more weeks, so take advantage of it. Make the most of business connections and new acquaintances in the work place. There is an emphasis on fashion, glamour, entertainment and the arts. Leo stuff. Keep your eyes open for employment opportunities, even if you aren’t the ambitious type. Mars, Mercury and Venus change the focus to friendships, service and group associations by the end of the month.
Sagittarius sagittarius
(Born between November 22 - December 21)
Read about Aries and the Grand Fire Trine. Travel and education are favored during the first half of the month and you can still schedule a vacation. Venus in Leo until September 20 brings new friends, love and creative inspiration especially while travelling. When Mars, Mercury and Venus move into Virgo the picture changes. You will be busy with career stuff, communications and social media. Service and humanitarian causes may be involved. These activities will look good on your resume.
Capricorn capricorn
(Born between December 22 - January 20)
Legal matters, finances and inheritance are favored, especially after Mercury stations. At that time you can sign papers or settle estates. Money may come to you from your parents, or you get a bonus at work. When Mars, Mercury and Venus move into Virgo, you can travel or take a sabbatical. This is also a good time to go back to college. Work on a master’s degree, write that thesis, or explore new techniques. Expand your horizons. Pluto stations at the end of the month, and the door will open for positive changes.
Aquarius aquarius
(Born between January 21 - February 19)
While Venus is still in Leo until September 20 you can work on your relationships. Take your sweetie on a special date, rekindle the flame, or if you are single, you may meet someone new. Finances may require your attention. Open a new account, make investments, draw up a will or settle an estate. Because of Jupiter you may still take that dream vacation in Europe, or have a great travel opportunity. Travel, adventure and new experiences are especially favored after the Autumn Equinox.
Pisces pisces
(Born between February 20 - March 20)
Like Aquarius, relationships will be the main focus, with Mercury, Mars and Venus in Virgo, mainly towards the end of the month. If you aren’t in a relationship, then business partnerships and close friendships need your attention. It’s not a bad thing, you just want to spend more time with them or work on a project together. Because of Mars you may face opposition or competition from others. Try to work things out amicably. Everything will be fine. Sometimes a Mars transit makes you realize something has to be fixed!

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