Monday, March 19, 2018
Virgo virgo
(Born between August 22 - September 22)
Virgo, the Virgin, is symbolized in mythology by a young girl carrying a sheaf of wheat. Here is a recap from last year. Ruled by Mercury, these people are the servers of the zodiac. They are nurses, doctors, waiters, maids, teachers, care-givers to the elderly. They like to rescue people, like a knight in shining armor. This charming quality tends to spill over into relationships, and a Virgo will do everything to take care of his/her partner, out of sheer obligation, even if the honeymoon is over.

Virgos are emotionally inhibited and have high standards when choosing a partner. Many Virgos, men and women alike, set their sights on the ideal mate and wait quietly, sometimes for years, until the time is right to make a move. This sign is not so much about physical virginity, but more of a purity of purpose and moral standards. It takes them a while to come out and say, "I love you." But Virgos are not prudish or frigid in the least, and once they have found love, they are quite affectionate.

This is a feminine, passive sign. They usually have some volunteer thing on the side that makes them feel like they are giving something back to society. They are methodical and tend to fuss over details, and even if a Virgo's desk is a mess, he knows where everything is. They are good at crafts, building and fixing things. They are hardworking, loyal and honor their commitments. Virgos are interested in diet and health and can often be found at the nearest natural food store buying vitamins, fresh vegetables, herb teas and such.

This Month's Horoscope
Children could give you a little agitation. Adult children may have problems or need your advice. There could be loss in gambling or speculation, perhaps from making poor choices. Stick to conservative investments. Look before you leap. Because of the Sun and Neptune secrets may come to light around March 4-5. Make sure you and your partner have been honest with each other. This could be a dreamy, romantic day for some people. You may have a secret admirer.

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